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Need tile work done

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  • Need tile work done

    Can anyone here recommend a contractor that can tile a kitchen and bathroom?

    I bought 12" X 12" marble tile at home depot on sale. When I showed it to the guy that was supposed to install it, he ran away with his tail between his legs.

    Any Artisans up to the challenge? If not I can do it myself, and, hey, there will be a few bumps in it. But on the whole it will look pretty damn good. Who wants some of my money?
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    Re: Need tile work done

    If you can't find anyone, Home Depot does installation of most floor coverings.

    If you feel energetic yourself, HD also offers how to clinics on the weekends on tiling your own floor as well.

    Tiling with marble isn't as difficult as it seems, just make sure you start in the middle of the rooms and strike a chalk line for reference. Use spacers and the job is fairly easy.

    The good thing is that you're only using 12 x 12 tiles which is easier to handle than my 16 x 16 tiles. Also when buying tile buy a couple boxes more as breakage is common in the handling of boxed tiles. You can always return the unused tile at Home Depot.

    Good luck
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      Re: Need tile work done

      Step 1 - Put on knee pads.
      Use real thin set, not some knockoff brand.
      Mix it a little loose and let it sit for 5 minutes before you start.
      Chalk your lines, and build your 2 home rows very carefully.
      Use a level, CONSTANTLY, and keep it clean.
      Use a 1/4" trowel, and press the tiles down real good.
      Smaller grout lines always look better, but give you less "fudge" room when you are setting tile. I use 1/8" almost always, unless it's Saltillo style.

      You can totally do it. Go for it.
      Energy answers are already here.


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        Re: Need tile work done

        I would be tiling on a slab where I had popped off vinyl tiles. It wouldn't be exactly flat. Would the thin-set be used for leveling purposes? The part about the level sounds like good advice. I thought it was important to do the prep work and start with a level floor.

        Tiling is not a problem, the prep-work is what is intimidating. Plus, if I get someone that does this for a living, they can be in and out in 2-3 days. Do it myself, it will be 3 weeks of dealing with it-(trips to home depot for this and that, problem solving, numerous clean-ups,etc...)-and my full time job. I am at a point in my life where I have enough money to just throw some at a problem and be done with it. And it will probably look better. Retirement is coming up in a few years and maybe then I'll go back to doing big projects.

        I like the idea of going to Home Depot to find a contractor. At least I would have them to bitch at if things go wrong.

        Thank you for the responses.
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          Re: Need tile work done

          You might want to call "Lone Wolf Builders" and ask Jay Soares who he would recommend for this kind of work.

          Jay is a very good craftsman, having done a lot of high-end work. And he knows a lot of reliable people.


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            Re: Need tile work done

            Agree with Craig......

            check with Home Depot (or Lowes) for their installation. When we remodeled our downstairs full bath I went to HD to one of their free clinics. I also got their book Tiling 1-2-3. We bought our tiles at Lowes and tiled the floor and shower wall ourselves. This was our first time tiling and it was easy-peasy! We have the upstairs full bath and the kitchen to remodel and a mudroom to put in. Cannot wait to tile the upstairs bath, kitchen backsplash and mudroom floor ourselves!