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    What products do you use regularly that you find most effective for the task at hand? From cleaning and polishing the stainless steel kitchen appliances, to bath & kitchen walls, cabinets, floors, sinks and tubs.

    Here are the products I use and highly recommend:

    I've tried several brands of stainless steel cleaner/polishes, and this one is THE BEST. My fridge, stove and range hood are newer GE models, and the stainless steel is bare, meaning there's no clear coat, so you can polish away without worry. With that, this Elco product goes on evenly, and effectively removes all smudges, grease spots and other unsightly blemishes, leaving a brand new, streak-free finish after you get done polishing. BEAUTIFUL. It also feels as if to leave a conditioned feel that brings back protective oils to the stainless steel finish, while also resisting fingerprints. Highly recommended.
    The only place I could find this was at Sears, however check wherever you shop for it.

    If your chrome, stainless steel, fiberglass or porcelain finishes on sinks, faucets, toilets, appliances etc. have stubborn rust, soap and mildew stains, etc. that just refuse to come out, Diamond Magic to the rescue! It claims to literally have powdered diamonds in the formula, which helps to work effectively as an all-in-one rubbing compound and polish that removes most stubborn stains, restoring a like-new finish. It's also effective for removing hard water stains etched in your car's windshield and other windows. I've even used to to remove that unsightly yellow glaze-over on plastic headlight lens covers, and it worked like a charm! Returned it to crystal-clear, just like new again! NOT safe on paint. Make sure what you're using it on is a glazed or solid surface finish. Works on some plastics, but be careful. You can make many things around the home and on your car look like brand new again with Diamond Magic! A MUST-HAVE in your home and auto clean-up kit. Available at City Mill.

    This is by far the most effective general purpose household cleaner/degreaser I've used yet. Way better than Simple Green, and priced about the same. It's relatively scent-free, and best of all, it doesn't leave a streaky residue. I use it on everything from my laminated faux wood floors, to ceramic tile floors to even mirrors and windows, painted walls, back splashes, cabinet doors, etc. It's very safe on most finishes, without any harsh agents that ruin clear finishes, yet it truly does CUT into dirt, grime and grease. You can buy this at City Mill.
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    Re: Household Cleaning Products

    Thanks for the heads up on Krud Kutter for laminate wood floors. How do you use it? I currently use the Swiffer Wet Jet but when I need to get a spot up with one of those magic eraser pads I see how much the Wet Jet leaves behind. I've been trying to store up enough energy to use one of those little eraser pads on the entire floor as that'll be a hands 'n knees job!


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      keeping a lemon in your bedroom is a great idea!