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  • Amelia Earhart

    Recently some new speculation has emerged about the mysterious fate of
    the famed aviatrix and Fred Noonan.

    The focus is on the tiny isle of Nikumaroro .

    Careful scrutiny of Mid Pacific radio propagation conditions and logged receptions
    may indicate a possible landing at that remote spot.
    A group called TIGHAR are focusing on the matter.

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    Re: Amelia Earhart

    Earhart was my autobiography choice for the first book report of my school years, probably 2nd grade. Been hooked on her since, and always find the expeditions towards unlocking her mysteries exciting and hopeful, even tho they'll always be sad endings. I think it was from a strip on old Wheeler Field that she took off from last on Territorial soil.


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      Re: Amelia Earhart

      Is being a castaway a more painful way to die than being in a crash?


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        Re: Amelia Earhart

        The song:


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          Re: Amelia Earhart

          Originally posted by Walkoff Balk View Post

          Is being a castaway a more painful way to die than being in a crash?
          Tropical islands are often well-stocked with human-edible food. Fruit trees washed off other islands take root, growing edibles IF the soil is adequate. Fish are relatively easily available; unless you are a total dunderhead. Of course there are dangers as well.... poisonous beans off one plant - Castor beans - and much more.

          Picking carefully you may not get poisoned, but you may starve. I'm told starvation is terrible.
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            Re: Amelia Earhart

            This mystery is far from solved.

            It is a project which fully merits serious research.

            The state of Japanese American diplomacy in the 1930s is worth deep analysis.

            I've read and researched extensively this case, and the trail still will

            lead one down unusual avenues.


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              Is this Amelia Earhart’s long-lost plane? Explorer believes he’s solved the great mystery with sonar (

              An unsolved mystery might be solved.