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Nick Nolte on the floor at Lihu'e airport

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  • Nick Nolte on the floor at Lihu'e airport

    Aloha from Kaua'i!

    Anyone else see this article in (with pictures) of Nick Nolte laying flat on the floor of the terminal here in Lihu'e? Ai yi yi! If I can remember correctly it said that because his flight to the mainland was delayed, he was laying on the floor for upwards of 2 hours, drifting in and out of consciousness -- altho' they said he was friendly and talking to other passengers while he was awake -- some of whom were obviously snapping his picture! The pictures are truly sad.

    They also mentioned someone "assisting him" to put a dollar bill in a vending machine for a snack -- now I certainly don't recall our airport having any types of vending machines in the boarding area -- anyone else?

    He is/was here to film "Tropic Thunder" which was supposed to start shooting on Monday -- the picture of him was taken Monday -- is he through with his part already? Or just going home for a little "rest" maybe to come back later?

    Anyhow -- I think it is sad that he didn't have an assistant of some type to help him -- I'm sure that either Hawaiian or Aloha would have put him into their "Premiere Club" or "Ali'i Club" lounge -- that way at least he wouldn't be laying on the floor with a bunch of photo-happy tourists!

    Regardless of what you think about the man, it is sad that anyone could lay on the floor like that - be obviously "out of it" and not be assisted by anyone in that period of time.

    Malama Pono,

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    Re: Nick Nolte on the floor at Lihu'e airport

    I saw it on the news last night. Very sad. Makes you wonder why so many celebreties end up so messed up. Nick Nolte seems to have had a hard time of it for a long time. Too bad. I've always enjoyed him in his roles. Not sure I'd want to have to deal with him in real life.


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      Re: Nick Nolte on the floor at Lihu'e airport

      I am just wondering if lying down on the floor of Lihue airport violates some sort of county ordance?

      I have only been through the Aloha Airlines gates but yeah that area doesn't have any vending machines, but if he was waiting for a flight to the mainland there might be a possibilty that the gate area for United might have a vending machine. Or someone must have mistaken a trip to a newsstand vendor for a trip to a vending machine.


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        Re: Nick Nolte on the floor at Lihu'e airport

        Whoa, now this makes that other mug shot pale in comparison.
        I had to find that story and here it is......

        hmmmmm he couldn't find a seat so he just plopped right down?

        Would that be concern for airport security? I dunno curious.......

        And this one I am at a loss of words here


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          Re: Nick Nolte on the floor at Lihu'e airport

          Shame on those who were there to just look and not help him. I would have...not because he is Nick Nolte but because he is a fellow human being.

          I hope and pray he's better and safe at home.

          Auntie Lynn
          Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
          Philippians 4:13 --- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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            Re: Nick Nolte on the floor at Lihu'e airport

            No one has laid on the airport floor before??? I have a few times! And cta nappedon the floor waiting for a flight, I even laid with a couple gf's and waited.
            I have seen others do it before too. Ok yes , he is messed up, but I have laid on the floor a few times and probably will again if I have another 6 hour layover!
            Since when is psycho a bad thing??
            Sharing withother survivors...