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  • Land of the Lost

    Plan to see Land of the Lost this weekend. From the previews it's a remake of a Saturday morning TV series of the same name.

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    Re: Land of the Lost

    I loved that Saturday morning classic series. It brings back many fond memories. I would watch it with my two very young daughters. It became a father/daughter weekly tradition (I always made French Toast for them Saturday mornings too). They were terrified of the Sleestax but yet they couldn't turn their eyes away, so they would huddle closer to me. I forget the monkey kid's name but not "Wira" and "Hari."

    It will be interesting to see how they "modernize" the series. I look forward to sitting on the sofa on a Saturday morning with a daughter on each side once again. THEY can make me the French Toast.
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      Re: Land of the Lost

      Did Will Ferrell comedies peaked with Anchorman? I still like his recent movies even though critics didn't like those. I think they expected Anchorman funny.


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        Re: Land of the Lost

        Albert and I saw this movie this morning at Ward. I am sort of fan of the TV series but I never watched all of the episodes, I did purchases the DVD of the TV series a couple of weeks ago but never had the chance to see it yet.

        I was sort of having low expections of this movie judging from the previews I have seen of it, mainly because I was expecting a sci-fi movie and it was throwing a lot of hints that it's a comedy. I figured what the hell if worse comes to worse I can always root for the T-rex in the movie.

        After seeing this movie I do have to say that it is after all a comedy with some elements of sci-fi, action and adventure, there are times when the pacing of the movie will stop to deliver a humorous line or scene, most times the laughes are worth it but I do have to say that some of the humor is kind of a PG-13 crude type of humor (hint: forgo eating anything during the movie).

        Most of the elements of the TV series are there but in a different form so if you never seen the series don't worry you will be okay. And if you are a fan of the series well at least the dinosaurs look better in this movie.

        There is a brief scene between the 1st set of ending credits and the 2nd set of ending credits.