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Zero Hour (1957)

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  • Zero Hour (1957)

    While looking through my collection of DVDs I came across a movie called Zero Hour. I sort of remember that the 1980's movie Airplane! was a parody of this movie. I suppose this is the reason why I initially purchased it but never saw it until today (9/5/21).

    Elements of Zero Hour than went into Airplane!
    Character of Ted Stryker who was a pilot in the war but due to failed mission has problems flying again
    The flying crew and some of the passengers getting ill eating the fish served on board the plane
    Ted's former comrade in the war is on the tower trying to give him instructions to land the plane
    Someone on the ground saying this is a bad week to give up smoking

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    Re: Zero Hour (1957)

    Did the producers of "Airplane" have to pay copyright royalties to "Zero Hour?" The movie "Airplane" probably made a lot of money.