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Friendly suggestions for "The Big Picture"

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  • Friendly suggestions for "The Big Picture"

    I would like to put as much smilies into this thread as my tone because I do want this to be a friendly suggestion as opposed to a knee-jerk suggestion which it might be. And if the rest of you want to discuss it, that's fine by me.

    First of all for this forum The Big Picture it would be very helpful if the movie's title you wish to discuss appears as part of the threads' title. With the exception of two threads this is what's been happening and it should be really nice if this practice continues as such.

    I don't suggest that the threads Will Homer get an Oscar? be renamed to Troy or Thoughts on Michael Moore film? be renamed to Fahrenheit 9/11. But I will point out that perhaps not everyone would have made the connection between the thread title and the movie in question and I will admit I didn't get the connection on the Thoughts on Michael Moore film? thread.

    Secondly how come there are no threads that are discussing either Harry Porter or Spider-Man 2? Or even other movies (they don't have to be in the thread Upcoming Summer Movies list)?

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    Re: Friendly suggestions for "The Big Picture"

    I don't have any objection if Ryan wants to re-name the thread:

    Troy: Will Homer get the Oscar?

    But really, Helen, how could anyone who is paying attention at all to current movies (and radio and newspapers) not know what was meant by:

    "Thoughts on Michael Moore film?"

    (Delighted to see it has opened with huge success in France.)


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      Re: Friendly suggestions for "The Big Picture"

      Hey Helen - I agree! Helpful subject lines will draw more interest.

      The Fahrenheit 9/11 title was a problem for me since some Web forms don't allow "/" in fields. Perhaps this one allows for it, but I didn't want to experiment.

      Happy movie-going!


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        Re: Friendly suggestions for "The Big Picture"

        Part of this quote below came from this post in the thread titled Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.

        Originally posted by shaveice
        (if you haven't seen the movie, don't read beyond this point)

        wow. what a cool trick. spoiler tags!
        Spoiler tags does have it's uses and it's an improvement from the Usenet days when people would enter 24 or more blank lines to hide the spoiler information. It was a pain in the butt to go through all those blank lines, or worse yet the followups to the main message, all filled with blank lines (or with >>>). What made the situation even worse is while the spoiler protocol (for lack of a better name to it) was very useful in the general purpose newsgroups that talked about TV (it was called or movies (and it was called rec.arts.movies) it was unnecessary in the specialty newsgroups dedicated to a TV series, one that comes to mind is (I think that it's name but I could be wrong). To me I liked the TV series and so did a lot of people in that group but because how the series was distributed, certain places got the latest episodes, other places got the last season episodes and still other places just started the first season and when one person who is currently seeing the fourth season, while the current season is the sixth attempted to post something about the second season with no spoilers, a number of people complained about it, then another group of people would complain as to why the first group of people where complaining about the original post with no spoilers and then next thing you know you got a flame war going now that has nothing to do with the original note.

        So how does this relates to us here?

        Well this sub-forum is about movies. Each thread in this sub-forum should be about a movie, with the thread title being the movie's title. With this in mind if someone post the ending to movie "X" in the thread titled "X" without using the spoiler tags, that poster is not at fault and anyone reading that thread should not complain about it since they went out of their way to go to this sub-forum and selecting the thread titled "X" that talks about movie "X".

        Originally posted by helen
        Well this sub-forum is about movies. Each thread in this sub-forum should be about a movie, with the thread title being the movie's title.
        Of course it's okay to make other threads relating to movies in this sub-forum, like the Oscars, collections of movies, polls, the cost of popcorn, the neverending discussion of buttered vs non-buttered popcorn, as long as the title of the thread is clear as to what is being discussed.
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