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    Re: Transformers Movie

    Originally posted by pzarquon View Post
    A couple of promo pictures from the movie surfaced at, curiously lacking any Transformers. The top photo looks like it'll be an official movie poster.

    If you can't wait for the movie, you can make your own Optimus Prime. And then there's the Optimus Prime iPod dock...
    GREAT project for my husband and kids....My husband still has the original Transformers in the original they will get a kick out of it.
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      Re: Transformers Movie

      The full trailer is finally out! This movie looks awesome!
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        Re: Transformers Movie

        **Puts on geek t-shirt***

        There's plenty of photos of how the bots will look in the movie at this site, including the various configurations of Megatron (illustration), and a really cool full-scale set prop of Bumblebee.

        I wonder if they shot actual flight scenes for Starscream using that F-22?

        My friend's 12 year old son is already diggin' up his old Transformer toys in anticipation of the movie.

        My favorite "Transformer" as a kid was Yuusha Raideen.

        *Takes off geek t-shirt**
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          Re: Transformers Movie

          I can not wait to see this, and I will see this one in the theater.

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            Re: Transformers Movie

            I was cruising around the site from that Rambo thread, and came across this Transformers trailer.

            Oh man oh man oh man oh man

            It just keeps getting better !! Lots of Starscream in this one




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              Re: Transformers Movie

              since when did transformers have all the blender attachments?
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                Re: Transformers Movie

                Sharkeys Theater on Pearl Harbor Navy base is having a FREE advanced screening of the Transformers movie THIS Saturday - June 30th at 3 p.m. A few days before the actual release date.

                If you have a military ID card and can get on base, or you know someone with an ID card that can sponsor you on, get in line early because the theater only seats 450.

                They have these free advanced screenings periodically throughout the year. I look at it as their way of saying "thanks" to military families. They don't advertise what movie it will be but if you call the week before, they put it on the movie line.

                They have another free advanced screening on July 9th - maybe it'll be the new Harry Potter movie?
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                  Re: Transformers Movie

                  Bumblebee ... Camaro.

                  Sorry, I can't see how they could put those two together. Damn you, Volkswagen and your anti-violent image policy.
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                    Re: Transformers Movie

                    For quite some time they have been advertising Transformers to start at first July 4th, then to July 3rd. But if you check your local theater they might be showing it tonight (7/2) starting at 8pm. At least for Ward. Dole is also showing it tonight, either at 8 or 8:30 pm.


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                      Re: Transformers Movie

                      Yep, the movie is out tonight at the majority of the island theaters. I'm definitely going. I'll be incredibly biased on this movie, since I love the Transformers, but I'll try to give a decent unbiased review when I get home.

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                        Re: Transformers Movie

                        LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        I can now die in peace, after seeing this movie.

                        If you're unfamiliar with the Transformers, you should still like this movie if you like action/comedy movies. At no time did I feel this movie was aimed to any movie goer under the age of 13. The only drawback may be, during all the hectic fighting going on between the Autobots and Decepticons, it was hard to tell who was who.

                        But if you were a fan, you will love this movie. They did an excellent job at bringing these cartoon characters to "life" The only thing that made me wrinkle my nose, was that Jazz and Starscream had different voices. In the cartoon, they were voiced by Scatman Crothers and Chris Latta, but they since passed away. But still, interesting story line, great colorful characters, and lots of transforming. I'm definitely seeing this movie again.



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                          Re: Transformers Movie

                          I just came from the 9pm showing of Transformers at Ward. Was really packed for that showing.

                          I can echo some of the stuff that DiverDown808 said about this movie. Lot's of action, good amount of comedy, it's PG-13 due to fliping the bird, bathroom related humor and some harsh words but no gore (other than scratches in the wall, which made for a slightly comedy bit). Things explode, the human actors were pretty good with Jon Voight being the Secretary of Defense, Kevin Dunn being the dad and John Turturro as an agent of some non-existant goverment group.

                          However they are a couple of plot holes that become apparent after you finish watching the movie.

                          Also at the end of the movie stay at least until the cast credits roll, there are three scenes that are shown at the start of the ending credits.


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                            Re: Transformers Movie

                            Plot holes ?

                            Let me know what you caught, even if you have to PM me to explain.

                            I was so caught up in the moment of watching a live action Transformers movie, I missed any plot holes.

                            Thanks Helen !



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                              Re: Transformers Movie

                              Spoilers for the plot holes
                              1. How did the Autobots know of Megatron's fate in the Arctic?
                              2. How did the Autobots and the Decepticons know that the location of the Allspark was on Sam's great-great-grandfather's glasses?
                              3. How long were the Decepticons were on Earth?
                              4. Which Transformer did the Beagle 2 encounter on Mars (a real minor one I admit)?
                              5. Why attack the US base at Qatar instead of just sneaking in and getting the data in the first place?

                              As a remindair if anyone is going to follow up on these spoilers with more spoilers please put them before the quoted text. Or better yet put the entire post between an indent tag (you will need to do that by hand, there is no button that generates an indent tag).
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                                Re: Transformers Movie

                                I saw Transformers today with my girlfriend. The movie kicked butt.It was by far the best movie I've ever seen. Its a guaranteed blockbuster.I really want to see it again.It was so funny and action packed, I was either laughing or my jaw dropped .
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