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  • Night Clubs from the Past

    I couldn't find a thread on this, but I am trying to piece together all the Night clubs I went to in the past and where they were located. Feel free to add your favorites or other memories.

    The Point After - Hawaii Regent: We went there every weekend. I made friends with a few of the bouncers and waitresses. It began to cater to tourists in the early 90's and wasn't the same. I heard it closed in 2004 or so.

    Bobby McGees - near Sansusi (sp?) Beach: We went about once a month. I used to order the bartenders iced tea pitcher and carry it around.

    Rumours - Ala Moana SC: Stopped in this place once in a while.

    Cilly's - Hyatt Regency: Only went about 10 times total.

    La Mancha's - Keeaumoku: I only went here a couple times in 1981.

    The Power Station - Ilikai: This place was happening in 1985. Met and dated a waitress there. It was called Hell before '85.

    Rock and Roll Clinic - at the edge of Waikiki. In 1984 a table full of servicemen next to us lit up a pakalolo pipe and passed it to us. I got a good hit, then the bouncers saw us and took the pipe away from them. Anyone remember what this club's name changed to in 1987? Also - I heard it was dangerous at one time and fights broke out.

    Jazz Cellar - Waikiki: In 1984 there was a band that played there where the lead singer looked like a Jim Morrison clone!

    Rock-Za: Where was this again?

    Jilly's - across Rock and Roll Clinic: I think this was one of the names of this place. I only went there a couple times.

    There was a little night club on Kuhio a block from the ABC store that I can't recall the name(s) of. Some high class strip bar (Silver Fox?) opened up across from it in the late 80's.
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    Re: Night Clubs from the past

    We did discuss this in length but I no can find um too.

    Hawaiian Hut.


    And of course, there was Pacific Marina.heheheh

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      Re: Night Clubs from the past

      Thanks, maybe I'll try a more extensive search.

      Oh yeah, can't forget to leave out Stuart Anderson's and Bully Hayes in Pearl City.


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        Re: Night Clubs from the Past

        I listed a few in the Big and Small Business Memories thread here...

        Originally posted by Pomai View Post
        Bump to top...

        CILLY's - formerly located in a front cellar space in the current building on the corner of McCully and Ala Wai Blvd., just before Jack-in-the-Box on Kalakaua ave. They closed doors some time in the early 90's.

        SPAT's - formerly in a cellar under the Hyatt Regency. I believe it's a Chinese restaurant now.

        MASQUERADE - formerly located on the property where KC Drive-In once stood and Waikiki Landmark now sits. Been there a few times just out of high school. I remember they had an upper mez' level.

        MAHARAJA - formerly in the Waikiki Trade Center where ZANZIBAR now operates. Maharaja introduced Honolulu to the high end glamour club concepts in LA & NYC. Zanzibar continues that tradition.

        BOBBY McGEE's Conglomeration - fomerly located in the new W hotel, across the Kapiolani Park water fountain. It's now occupied by the W restaurant. This was THE club for my generation and a few others before that. Remember their cool porcelain toilet bowl logo drinking glasses? When they closed, everyone migrated to Restaurant Row.

        POINT AFTER - fomerly located on the second floor ocean-front side of the Hawaiian Regent hotel. They operated for a long time before closing to become EURASIA, who also survived quite a long time. They then closed when Hawaiian Regent was bought out by the Marriot. The space is now a hotel spa.

        PINK CADDILAC - formerly located in an old building next to 7-11 on Ena Rd. in Waikiki. This was THE place for the younger crowd in the late 80's. It has since closed and morphed into many other nightclub concepts. It reopened recently as Pink Cadillac again, but not sure if it's still in operation.

        HAMBURGER MARY's - fomerly on Kuhio Ave., Waikiki in a cluster of old wood buildings with an old Banyan tree behind it. Canlis Restaurant was just in front on Kalakaua. Hamburger Mary's and HULA's became an icon of Hawaii's gay community. That entire corner property is now redeveloped as a high-end boutique retail mall. Hula's has since moved and still operates in a second floor open air hotel space across the Zoo on Kapahulu Blvd.

        HERNANDO's HIDEAWAY - A cozy little sports bar tucked way behind a small lot on Kuhio Ave. We used to go there for their ono hand-tossed Pizza. Not sure what's there now.

        STUDEBAKER's - fomerly located in Restaurant Row where OCEAN CLUB currently operates. Studebaker's was memorable for the bartop performances of their wait and bar staff.

        BLUE ZEBRA - formerly in the corner unit of Restaurant Row, adjacent to Sunset Grill. It closed then became MYSTIQUE, who also eventually closed. Both of these clubs attracted the younger hip-hop crowd. The space has been (mostly) vacant ever since.

        WORLD CAFE - They had their beginnings next to the unit where Hiroshi restuarant now operates (formerly Sansei) in Restaurant Row. World Cafe then moved to Nimitz Business Plaza in a large back area warehouse. They survived for a while, then closed to become VOLCANO Night Club. They then closed as well.

        ONE HONOLULU - formerly in a space somewhere? in Aloha Tower Market Place. They tried to give it lots of media hype and glamour glitz like celebrity red carpet grand openings and such. Not sure what happened, but they ended up closing.

        SLOPPY JOE's/FAT TUESDAY - another former Aloha Tower M.P. tenant who was very popular as restaurant by day, club by night. It then opened as WATERFRONT CAFE, another hybrid restaurant/nightclub. They have has also since closed.

        CHI CHI's - fomerly in Westridge Shopping Center next to Pearlridge. By day it was a Mexican restaurant, but by night it was a very popular nightclub for the west side community during the late 80's and early 90's. The space is now occupied by Makino Chiya Japanese Restuarant.

        FAST EDDIE's - formerly located on a corner property in the middle of Kailua town. This was the one and only nightclub in the area and was popular with servicemen from Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station (known back then as KMCAS).

        Two notable "old school" clubs that still operate to this day include WAVE WAIKIKI and RUMOURS in the Ala Moana Renaissance Hotel. Still going strong after all these years. WAVE WAIKIKI may soon have to relocate (or close?) due to plans for a condominium project coming up on that property.
        At that time, Wave Waikiki was still there. Now that shall be included here with the 'past'.

        Another recently departed, thanks in part to a tragic incident, is Osake Sushi Bar & Lounge, former home of Blue Tropix Nightclub at the front of Hawaiian Brians Billiards on Kapiolani Blvd.

        We must also now add Ocean Club to the list. Apparently the folks who own The O Lounge took over the place, but it's been months and still nothing's happening.

        How about Club Rose?
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          Re: Night Clubs from the Past

          Gussie L'Amours had decades of great shows that other venues wouldn't touch, and gave the best bang for yer buck.
          Talking Heads, $3 for 2 hot shows. Never once playing thier new hit 'Take Me To The River'.
          Stray Cats, $3, 2 shows each for 3 nights.
          Commander Cody/Kingfish, $3 for the first night, bring your ticket stub and get in free the next.


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            Re: Night Clubs from the Past

            Thanks for the post and link. I found a few answers to my questions.

            Masquerades was the night club in the same lot as Dominic's Rock & Roll Clinic.

            Scruples is the nightclub on Kuhio in that courtyard. Silver Pussycat across from it?

            Club Rose, Misty's, all those bars on Kona street is where my friends dragged me (cough!) to in the late 80's. I forgot some of the bar names even though I remember many of the nightclubs I went to a few years before. That was when no one used garter belts and you could get a facefull for a buck!


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              Re: Night Clubs from the Past

              Oh, another more....

              MAZE - formerly located on the second floor of the Waikiki Trade Center on Kuhio avenue, an escalator up from Zanzibar. It's now Fashion 45.
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                Re: Night Clubs from the Past

                A friend of mine went to Gussie's iregularly n 1983. I didn't go until 1994 and saw an oil wrestling match. The DJ cracked us up, he had a guy from the audience volunteer to pour oil on the girls before the match. Then he told the guy "Save some for later!"

                The table dances were also pretty wild.


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                  Re: Night Clubs from the Past

                  Originally posted by PearlCityMike View Post
                  Scruples is the nightclub on Kuhio in that courtyard. Silver Pussycat across from it?
                  I think you're referring to Deja Vu, which was one of those "gentlemen's club' chains from the mainland. Can't recall what's there now.

                  Scruples is still alive and kickin'.
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                    Re: Night Clubs from the Past

                    If you are of "a certain age", then you should remember Territorial Tavern on Bishop Street. Home of Booga, Booga comedy group and the Beamer Brothers. They had a great bartender there who looked just like Sonny Bono (I kind of had a crush on him ). Also, there was a pretty classy disco located where Che Pasta Restaurant is now - my friend rented it out one night for her wedding recption. In Waikiki - my favorite place to go was Rex's. It was an excellent fine dining restaurant, fancy disco and THE place to see celebrities. in the late 70's it turned into a private club - I was fortunate enough to have been gifted with one of the first memberships. It was located where Scruples is now.
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                      Re: Night Clubs from the Past

                      Loved Trappers at the Hyatt Regency...a great jazz club. Saw many jazz celebs there sitting in with Jimmy Borges.

                      Altho' not really the definition of a night club, the Maile Lounge at the old Kahala Hilton kept me dancing for years. Kit Samson's Sound Advice was awesome. I sure miss those days!


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                        Re: Night Clubs from the Past

                        Mama's at Pokai Bay.
                        RJ's in Nanakuli.
                        Both were "dancing till ya' drop!", Waianae style.
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                          Re: Night Clubs from the Past

                          Back when I was seventeen, I used a razorblade and some glue to change the date on my driver's licence (just cut off the raised numbers on the plastic card and glued them to where I wanted them). Then I went to The Sandbox, Hawaii's home of country western music, 205 Sand Island Access road, and got myself a job.

                          I'd been listening to the live music from the place on KAHU radio and wanted to see for myself.

                          It was an eye opening experience, and I have to say I had a wonderful time, all said and told. I was naive...when Howard Farias, the owner (lovable old rebrobate that he he still alive?) took a shine to me and asked if I wanted to go to Vegas for the weekend, I told him 'sure, but separate rooms' and believed him when he said ok. The when it wasn't that way, I freaked and told him I was only seventeen and got sent home in disgrace and fired...only to be rehired later, when I was of age and, thankfully, Howard had found another, less naive, employee to take a shine to.

                          Those were the days. At one point, Howard did a runner and flew to Vegas with thousands in cash sewn into his clothing. He eventually came back to Hawaii and tried to open a Vegas-style supper club over on Nimitz by the airport. He reopened The Sandbox with the help of a backer and I went back as manager.

                          The band member were a lot of fun, and as colorful as Howard. The cowboys, mostly homesick military men, added to the charm of the place. The local customers were a hoot. And the staff were as 'interesting' as the rest of them.

                          Lovely memories. And sometimes, when maybe I've had a bit too much to drink, I can still get to singing some of those old songs...Kenny Rogers' Lucille and Coward of the County, Crazy by Patsy Kline.....


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                            Re: Night Clubs from the Past

                            Originally posted by tutusue View Post
                            Loved Trappers at the Hyatt Regency...a great jazz club. Saw many jazz celebs there sitting in with Jimmy Borges.

                            Altho' not really the definition of a night club, the Maile Lounge at the old Kahala Hilton kept me dancing for years. Kit Samson's Sound Advice was awesome. I sure miss those days!
                            Oh man I loved Trappers. I saw Nohelani Cypriano perform there. Great venue.

                            Talk about dancing to the old tunes, even older was the Monarch Room at the Royal Hawaiian with Del Courtney doing the Tea Dances on Sunday mornings and even further back when he played atop the Alexander Young Hotel's rooftop.

                            Fast forward to the 70's there was Infinity in the Sheraton Waikiki and Opus One in the basement of the Ilikai Hotel.

                            And La Mancha...where Sam Sung is (was). But Bobby McGee's was my favorite place to hang out. Cilly's got too rowdy after a while. And then there was The Point After, yeah that was THE place to go on a Friday evening.

                            Don't forget Oasis on Old Waialae Road, now a Self Storage building.

                            Golden Coin and Kojaks.

                            Someone mentioned RockZa (across the street from the Convention Center) near The Place The Place and Stoplight Bar on the corner or Atkinson and Kapiolani BLVD. And since we're on the subject of Korean Bars, Arrirang.
                            In goes the hard boiled egg and out it goes, patooyee!

                            For more sophistication in strip joints there was Pure Platinum on Kuhio Avenue across from Scruples (co-owned by David Shutter). Once I had to help a friend move into a condo so David Shutter let me use one of his vans. When I went to his home on Diamond Head road (yeah his mansion) he said, "use that one" the one with the airbrushed Scruples name and provacative woman painted on it's side.

                            Oh those were fun days.
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                              Re: Night Clubs from the Past

                              In addition to those listed above, here are others I remember:

                              HONG KONG JUNK - Ilikai Hotel;
                              GREEN TURTLE - Kapiolani Blvd., fronting Ala Moana Center;
                              CANTON PUKA - International Marketplace;
                              TIKI - International Marketplace;
                              LEMON TREE - Kalakaua Ave.;
                              RED VEST - Kuhio Ave.;
                              THE MOON - Outrigger Hotel penthouse;
                              HAWAIIAN HUT - still at the Ala Moana Hotel;
                              ANNABELLE'S - Top of the Ilikai.

                              Before BOBBY McGEE'S CONGLOMERATION, wasn't JB's the night club at the Colony Surf? I also vaguely remember places like FERDINAND'S, AQUARIUM (might have been a restaurant which turned into a night club after dinner hours), THE POINT, POINT AFTER, and HULA HUT.