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  • Walkoff Balk
    Hawaii's vinyl album sales are booming in numbers not seen in 30+ years | Business |

    Put the needle to the record.

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  • mel
    Re: Albums You've Purchased in 3+ Formats

    Other albums that I have bought with 3 copies or more:

    Band on the Run - Paul McCartney & Wings - 1 cassette, 2 LPs, 1 standard CD, 1 deluxe double CD set.

    The Beatles 1967 - 70 - 2 LP copies, 2 CD copies (1 CD is remastered)

    The Beatles 1962 - 66 - 2 LP copies, 1 remastered CD

    The Beatles - Let It Be - 2 LPs, 1 CD, 1 special CD "Let It Be Naked" (does this count?)

    Fleetwood Mac - Rumours - 2 LPs, 1 standard CD, 1 remastered CD with bonus tracks.

    Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac - 2 LPs, 1 standard CD, 1 remastered CD

    Fleetwood Mac - Tusk - 2 double LP sets, 1 remastered CD set

    Elton John - Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player - 2 LP sets, 1 CD reissue

    Elton John - Caribou - 2 LPs, 1 CD

    Elton John - Captain Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy - 2 LPs, 1 standard CD, 1 remastered CD

    Paul McCartney - Tug of War - 1 LP, 1 8 Track, 1 CD

    Rod Stewart - Never a Dull Moment - 2 LPs, 1 CD

    The Beatles - White Album - 1 LP set, 1 standard CD set, 1 remastered CD set

    Carly Simon - No Secrets - 2 LPs, 1 CD

    Hui O Hana - Young Hawaii Plays Old Hawaii - 2 LPs, 1 CD

    The Buoys - Give Up Your Guns - 1 LP, 2 CDs

    Walter Egan - Not Shy - 2 LPs, 1 standard CD

    Linda Ronstadt - Simple Dreams, 2 LPs, 1 CD

    Linda Ronstadt - Heart Like a Wheel, 2 LPs, 1 CD, 1 CD compilation - album appeared in whole on a 4 album set released to 2 CDs as "The Capitol Years"

    Most of my favorite older LPs also include copies in at least CD and all of them have been ripped at some point to digital for play in iPods, computers and other devices. Many have over the years been also copied to cassettes before the days of digital.

    I have a lot of copies of individual songs as duplicates since many show up on compilation albums, greatest hit packages or I have bought as singles on either vinyl or CD.
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  • mel
    Re: Albums You've Purchased in 3+ Formats

    Hell, I've bought 3 purchase of the same album in the same format!

    Not many but the one that comes to mind....

    "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John... a double LP set that I first bought on LP in 1973 when it just came out... and then for some reason over the years, I bought the LPs again twice because at a used record sale in either Jelly's or the Friends of the Library, I just saw another LP vinyl copy that was in pristine condition and I just clunked the few dollars again in change for it.

    Same thing when GEM store was going out of business back in the 1980s... they had 8-tracks on sale for 99¢ each and well there was "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"... and I bought it again... even though by that time my 8-track player was long gone. Fact is that copy of the album is still in shrink wrap!

    And then MCA Records came out with the double CD... so I bought that again... on the double CD... but when it first came out on CD the packaging sucked because it did not have the neat graphics that the gatefold LP had... the booklet only had 2 panels which consisted of the song lists... This was a 2 disc CD.

    Then one day I was at Tower Records and there "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" was on sale in a single CD for $9.99... and well I bought it again. This time it was reissued on Island Records and the insert had all of the graphics and song lyrics that the original albums had.... I was happy.

    I've ripped digital copies of this CD as well as many others so that I can play them on my iPods, computers and whatever... (Nintendo DSi too).... With Audio Hijack for the Macintosh I can also make digital copies from my LPs and 45 RPM records which are kind of tedious because you have to actually play then as the software is ripping the song(s)... but the copies come out nice and allows me to listen to out of print records on a digital format.

    Vinyl has resurfaced as my favorite format, followed by CD, digital MP3 or AAC and then tape... I hated pre-recorded cassette tape albums because the build quality of many cassette tapes sucked. I hate having an $8 to $10 album on tape getting snagged in a recorder.... ditto for 8-Track... fortunately I did not buy too many of these...

    Of course back in the day I made a lot of mix tapes off CDs and vinyl to high quality (CRO2) cassettes... I still have many of those cassettes... unfortunately high end cassette tape machines are scarce. Most of the tape machines on the market now do not play "chrome" tapes.

    I can go on about other albums I have more than 3 bought copies of... Beatles anyone?

    OK.. I see Beatles was mentioned. I should not be surprised.

    I only have 2 copies of Cyndi Lauper's She's So Unusual... my original one on LP and a later one on CD... of course I also had the 45s from the same LP.... the original 45 of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" had "Right Track Wrong Train" on the B-side which was not on the original album... until the thing came out on CD... I think it's there... I have to check... another release has a live version of "Money Changes Everything" along with the studio version.
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  • zff
    Re: Albums You've Purchased in 3+ Formats

    The first CD I ever bought was Pink Floyd's "The Wall". I also owned it on cassette and LP.

    The movie version of it is also the first Laserdisc and DVD I ever bought.

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  • Frankie's Market
    Re: Albums You've Purchased in 3+ Formats

    Albums that I have in 3+ formats are much too numerous to mention. It would be easier to name what I have in 5 formats.

    Beatles - Revolver, Sgt. Pepper, White Album. I have each of these on vinyl, open-reel tape, 8 track (for listening in the car back in the day), CD,.... and a couple of Christmases ago, my wife gave me a Capitol Records issued USB drive (shaped as a shiny green Apple) containing all the Beatles' albums in MP3 format.

    Never purchased a factory made cassette, ever. If I ever needed a cassette copy for my car, I always made a dub.

    And no, I'm not counting multiple re-issues of stuff I have on vinyl or CD. If I did, then the count on all of my Beatles' titles would go straight through the roof.
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  • Leo Lakio
    Re: Albums You've Purchased in 3+ Formats

    I've got a handful of Michael Nesmith's albums in vinyl, cassette and CD - but only because he gave me the cassettes.

    More often than the way scrivener described, I'm likely to own a couple different vinyl releases of something and/or differently packaged/configured/mastered CD releases.

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  • GeckoGeek
    Re: Albums You've Purchased in 3+ Formats

    Originally posted by scrivener View Post
    Anyone? Three purchases of three formats of the same album?
    If I did, it's because I can't figure out what I've done with the CD. I was never into cassettes, so not much of a chance for 3rd format.

    Also, I have a membership in eMusic, so it's "download or lose it" each month. Sometimes I can't find anything I like real quick, so I end up downloading something where I haven't seen my CD in some time.

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  • scrivener
    started a topic Albums You've Purchased in 3+ Formats

    Albums You've Purchased in 3+ Formats

    I haven't been able to find my Cyndi Lauper She's So Unusual cassette and am really jonesing for it lately, so I'm considering buying and downloading the MP3 album.

    If I do (and I haven't yet), it will be the third format I'll have purchased this album in: LP, cassette, and digital.

    Like most of you music-lovers and collectors, I'm sure there are tons of albums you've purchased in two formats, but what are the albums you've enjoyed so much that you plopped down your money for a third?

    I'm having some difficulty coming up with even one: since I still buy CDs (prefer them, in fact), and since CDs can easily be converted to digital formats, most of the stuff I love is most likely to be purchased on CD and therefore unlikely to be purchased in digital format.

    I was a cassette purchaser in the beginning of my fandom. I'm thinking I may be unusual in that the redundant LP purchases almost always came after the cassette purchases. Now, to figure out which (if any) were then followed by CD or digital purchases.

    Some musicians now are selling CDs and packaging them with digital downloads (this way, you can purchase the CD but download the digital format right away while you wait for your CD to arrive in the—what was that service called again? oh yeah, the—mail. This doesn't count as two purchases unless you paid more for the other format! I also don't think I'd count CDs you purchased the special editions of, after purchasing the original CD releases, but of course I'd love to hear about them.

    I do own a few 8-tracks, but I'm pretty sure not one of them went to three purchases, or even two.

    Anyone? Three purchases of three formats of the same album?