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  • "The McCarthys" on CBS

    The McCarthys is a sitcom that started to air in the Fall 2014 season on CBS on Thursday nights.

    It is about a family of six in Boston that is sort of dysfunctional and they seem to be okay with that. They also seem to be very sports oriented since the dad is a basketball coach at a middle school.

    The family includes Ronny who is the youngest son at 29 years old, openly gay (he told the family two years before the start of the series) and the rest of the family is okay with that. The series sort of has him as the central character and he would narrated the beginning of some episodes where it shows where is parents live, his brothers living close by to the parent's house, his sister is across the street from the parents and he lives the farthest away, at the end of the block.

    Sister Jackie is currently pregnant and the father of her child passed away on the first episode and he was also the assistant coach for the dad.

    Twin fraternal brothers Sean who is big and goofy, while Gerald is a sourpuss and never smiles, in fact in one episode he says something about never smiling in pictures and there is a cut away scene of his driver's license photo, his faculty picture (where it says he teaches Math) and his baby picture all showing him not smiling.

    Then you have the mom Marjorie who loves Ronny the most because he will watch the TV series The Good Wife with her and doesn't want to show affection to her husband in front of the kids.

    The dad Arthur while he has an unbeatable basketball team, even through Ronny his is replacement assistant coach (Ronny is portrayed as a sports fan but not much of a sports player) is not that bright of a person. He thinks sushi is Chinese food and doesn't know where the home's laundry room is. There are times that Arthur makes Sean look smart.