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"Galavant" on ABC

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  • "Galavant" on ABC

    The ABC network will be airing a musical comedy called Galavant which starts today (1/4/15) and will air on KITV at 7:00 pm HST.

    It is set in some sort of fantasy medieval world which parodies some of the fairy tale genre. One preview has a wizard turning a toad into a human.

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    Re: "Galavant" on ABC

    Thanks, Helen. What would we do without you?
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      Re: "Galavant" on ABC

      I wasn't interested enough to watch live, but I was curious enough to TiVo it. I'm glad for anything an old school network tries that's outside the usual mold. A musical comedy (with tunes by Alan Menken)? Why not.

      A Kingdom of Jousting, Kidnapping and Some Saucy Singing, Too

      'Galavant' musical comedy on ABC is worth the short journey


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        Re: "Galavant" on ABC

        The second season of Galavant will start on Sunday January 3, 2016. If you missed or forgot the first season, all eight episodes (half hour each) are available at (the exact link is at