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  • "American Horror Story" on FX

    I have heard about the series American Horror Story but never watched an episode until a co-worker was telling about an episode that he watched the night before to our group to past the time on a long drive thru Northern Nevada last week (9/13/18 was when the co-worker was relating his experience of the episode).

    What he was watching was the 8th season opening of American Horror Story: Apocalypse which is titled The End. The episode is about the end of the civilized world due to a nuclear war. It doesn't say who started it or why but a news cast in the episode states that cities like Hong Kong, Moscow and a few other cities have already been hit with ICBM and Los Angeles (which the beginning of the episode takes place) is next.

    The bulk of the episode is about the aftermath of the war and the few survivors who have taken shelter in a place that has prepared for this disaster.

    The episode makes reference to the missile alert scare in Hawaii, ancestor websites and only one song that plays on and on in the bunker.

    American Horror Story airs on the FX network on Wednesday nights and Spectrum does have it on Demand if you want to watch the first two episodes that have already aired as of 9/22/18.