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"Superman and Lois" on The CW

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  • "Superman and Lois" on The CW

    Watched 4 episodes so far of The CW series Superman and Lois via HBO Max.

    In this series Clark Kent and Lois Lane are married and have 2 twin teenage boys named Jonathan and Jordan. One of them is kind of normal, athletic, outgoing kid while the other is kind of withdrawn socially but is starting to manifest some of his dad's powers but it is not at the dad's level of strength.

    At the start of the series Clark's mom past away due to a stroke, the family moves from Metropolis to Smallville. The boys are trying to fit in to life in a small town, along the way they meet fellow students who some of them become friends, while others are rivals.

    Anyway there is some alternate Earth's coming to some of the episodes.