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Babylon 5 (mid 1990 series)

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  • Babylon 5 (mid 1990 series)

    I am currently semi-binge watching the mid-1990 series Babylon 5 via HBO Max, even though I have the entire DVD collection that I purchased a long time ago.

    I guess one of the main reasons for watching it via HBO Max is that I am viewing this on my computer as opposed to my TV set. Since my face is closer I can pick up on things that I wouldn't have noticed before for instance one of the bays that the series' Starfury fighters uses only has 7 openings. It is not to say that all 4 bays have 7 positions because one squadron had 9 fighters being deployed on a mission.

    Anyway I am at the end of watching the second season so it would be a long while before I finish the entire 5 season run. I think I started watching it in mid April 2022 or so.