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    This new HBO series should attract a lot of attention because it's the story about a polygamous family and the trials and tribulations of living in a house with 3 wives, one husband and a buncha kids. Fortunately for me, I don't subscribe to HBO, so I won't be watching this series. The creators say it's not so much a story about polygamy as much as it is a story about "larger themes" like "family bonds, relationships under duress and the love that keeps it all intact." I've been noticing recently some of the cable news outlets have been focusing on plural marriages and their positive and negative effects. Wonder if the launch of this new series had anything to do with that?

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    Re: "Big Love"

    HBO? Oh, I thought the title was for one of them Korean dramas.


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      Re: "Big Love"

      I just watched it. It's...interesting. Slightly confusing. I do know one thing, though. I hate the blonde wife's dad, I guess hes the "prophet" dude that Daveigh Chase's (omg Lilo grew up) 14/15 year old character is married to, and if it is, then ew, dirty old man.

      But I suppose I liked it. Never really took notice of this polygamy business, but I gotta say it's interesting (I said that, didn't I?). How the wives plan out their nights with the husband, how they all have seperate houses, how the eldest daughter gets teased about having "3 mommies," and then the husband seems to have a whack job family of his own, etc. How they deal with each other in this series will be beyond me...but I guess I'll be watching the next ep.
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