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    Re: Law & Order

    I Love Law & Order, whether SVU, LA, CI or plain vanilla.
    I watch re-runs (got a lot to catch up on) as well as recent or new.

    My 17yo teen says: "Why don't you watch cheerful stuff?"
    I guess we like to see justice done (when it is) and be incensed when it isn't.

    The Wolf brothers have us hooked. I like the acting, the flow, the drama. I like that the LA 'partner,' played by Alana de la Garza, is so like her NY counterpart.
    At first I thought it was a look-alike! Their website convinced me otherwise. OMG! Move to Californicate and you automatically look different! (Except Joel Goldblum can never look different.)

    [Alana de la Garza resumes her previous "Law & Order" role of Assistant District Attorney Connie Rubirosa (now a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles) in the Dick Wolf drama "Law & Order: LA."]

    A bit of a stretch....

    Glad to hear L&O:CI is coming back with older (& wiser?) cops.
    I watch this series whenever I have time for TV when they are on. That's usually 6 hours/week. Cool. When I REALLY retire (rather than being a 100% combat disabled, minimally functional house husband), I may get to watch all episodes. I'm certain some minority here will cheer.

    I LOVE LAW AND ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This refers to the TV show as well as functional, physical reality.

    K - TV addict
    Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Taken!
    ~ ~
    Spreading the virus of ALOHA.
    Oh Chu. If only you could have seen what I've seen, with your eyes.


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      Re: Law & Order

      It has been awhile since I watched a new episode of Law & Order. A recent crossover episode that started with Chicago Fire, then went to Law & Order: SVU and then to Chicago P.D.. Noticed that in the Law & Order: SVU episode that Benson is now running the unit.


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        I am kind of glad that the original Law & Order is back. Anthony Anderson and Sam Waterson are back in their old roles even though 12 years have passed.

        For me I purchased the season (for season #21) pass from iTunes.


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          This new Law & Order cast has the lead detective and the lead prosecuting attorney with not known actors who kind look alike. So, it got confusing early on.


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            John Oliver Eviscerates Law & Order Franchise, Accuses Dick Wolf of Peddling 'Fantasy' of Law Enforcement (

            It's a tv show and not a documentary.


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              All 3 Law & Order Casts Tease Premiere Crossover Event (

              Triple cast.


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                Decided to buy the season pass for the 22nd season of Law & Order from iTunes.

                However the first episode for this season was part 3 of crossover episodes from the other two Law & Order series. The good thing about iTunes is that you can purchase individual episodes from a series which I did so that I could view the other two parts.