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  • HawaiiThreads Upgrade

    The forum software that runs HawaiiThreads has been upgraded (version 3.0.12 to 3.6.1). There are new features, a number of under-the-hood changes, various bug and security fixes, and no doubt dozens of other things we'll likely discover together.

    As you've probably noticed, various parts of the site are functioning differently or missing altogether. Some graphics have changed, some links have moved, and the like. I'm going to be spending the next few days restoring the various tweaks and customizations that were blotted out by the upgrade.

    Therefore, I sincerely request your patience and understanding if things don't work the way you expect or if links don't go where you think they should. We'll get through this together. And I think you'll ultimately find, as ever, that the hiccups and adjustments are worth it!

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    Re: HawaiiThreads Upgrade

    We're cool with it and thanks so much for all you do. This site is the bomb! Just don't say that in the airport!!!
    Life is either an adventure... or you're not doing it right!!!


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      Re: HawaiiThreads Upgrade

      My pleasure, MM. Upgrades make life easier for administrators and moderators, but hopefully add a few nice touches for all 'ohana members as well. A couple that you've probably already noticed:


      You can now quote several messages in a thread in one reply. Just click the "Multi-Quote" button to toggle which messages you want to include, and when you hit the "Post Reply" button at the end, you'll get a reply set up with all the individual messages included. Hopefully this will cut down on people posting six consecutive replies in an attempt to respond to six different posts. However, as always, quote with care. Please quote only relevant portions of posts and not entire posts, and please watch your quote and /quote tags. Deleting either will break your quote. Want to experiment? Here's a good thread to practice in.

      In-Line Editing:

      Depending on your browser, when you choose to edit a recent post, you'll now be able to edit it right in the message window, rather than being taken to a separate message editing screen. Not a groundbreaking feature, but a nice touch, showing the developers' growing comfort with AJAX. Most of the AJAX goodies are saved for administrators and moderators, but I suspect you'll find other enhancements here and there -- one-click "Mark Forum as Read," instant thread ratings, quick buddy/ignore list editing, and the like.

      Improved Searching:

      Now you can choose whether to show search results as threads or individual posts with the main "Search" dialog. You can also search within a subforum, say, Islands Ahoy, and even choose which individual threads in which to search. See the new right-hand column in the subforum view for the checkboxes.

      There's more I've yet to explore, and no doubt you'll find other changes on your own. But ultimately, I hope you find our hale, our playground, just a little more fun to visit.


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        Re: HawaiiThreads Upgrade

        All right, I just made a couple of tweaks to offer improved RSS Feeds to allow syndication and easy tracking of conversations. The feed for all main fora is here, and the feed for the Hawaii Media section only is here. Just look for the universal, orange feed icon at the bottom of the page to find these later.

        I'll be working over time to add feeds for other sections and/or individual sub-fora, but I know y'all mostly want to track everything that's going on!

        The URLs and channel titles aren't pretty, but if you're an RSS addict and use an aggregator like NewsGator, Bloglines, or enjoy the "live bookmark" features of Firefox or Safari, these should be nice additions to your feed collection.


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          Comment to Admin / Ryan

          I've got to hand it to you Ryan. You've built one heck of a page here. Really well designed.


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            another great feature just noticed with the upgrade

            Nice "NEW" feature....

            it shows when your Personal Message box is 90% full!

            Thanks again admins for the upgrades


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              Re: another great feature just noticed with the upgrade

              New Feature........

              Everytime Manoa speaks about himself in the third person, a popup comes up of Tony Gwynn doing an imitation of Ricky Henderson.

              Well...maybe not.... but that is the first thing that pops into my head. Really.

              Guess you had to be there.
              You Look Like I Need A Drink


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                Re: HawaiiThreads Upgrade

                Thanks for keeping all of HT members informed...Keep up the good work! Aloha!
                Aloha Kakou, maluhia a me aloha mau loa (Hello everyone, peace and love forever)


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                  Re: Comment to Admin / Ryan

                  Ryan, The upgrade is excellent! But where's the thingy in the corner for reporting abusive postings by members!

                  Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
                  Philippians 4:13 --- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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                    Re: Comment to Admin / Ryan

                    Originally posted by 1stwahine View Post
                    Ryan, The upgrade is excellent! But where's the thingy in the corner for reporting abusive postings by members!
                    Yeah, that would very helpful having that function. Along with an easier way
                    to put people on ignore.
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                      Re: HawaiiThreads Upgrade

                      Originally posted by 1stwahine View Post
                      But where's the thingy in the corner for reporting abusive postings by members!
                      We haven't yet activated the new "Infraction System" introduced with the latest version. It would allow easy post-specific flagging for commercial spam, personal attacks, and language, but given our experience with the "Reputation" system, obviously we want to proceed with caution. For the time being, just send me, Mel, or Helen a Private Message.
                      Originally posted by Konaguy View Post
                      Along with an easier way to put people on ignore.
                      As before, you can still add someone to your "Ignore" list from their profile page, but you can also do it via your User Control Panel. Management of your Buddy List and Ignore List is improved, though, through some of the cool AJAX effects I mentioned earlier. Check it out.


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                        Re: HawaiiThreads Upgrade

                        Originally posted by admin View Post
                        For the time being, just send me, Mel, or Helen a Private Message.
                        As a suggestion if you are going to report a bad post via a Private Message please include if you can the post's URL in the Private Message. You can do this by clicking on the number that is located on the upper right side, it will generate another browser window. From there you can copy and paste the URL into the Private Message.


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                          I'm getting logged out

                          Is there a new feature in the upgrade that logs users out after a period of inactivity? I have had to log back in several times today, whereas prior to the upgrade I could stay logged on all day long.


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                            Re: HawaiiThreads Upgrade

                            Logging out after period of inactivity has always been there. What I do noticed is that the Remember me box used to be checked by default before the upgrade, after the upgrade it's no longer checked as the default setting.

                            However you can just check that box and it will remember you until click on the Logout link or I suspect if you clear your browser cookies.


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                              Re: HawaiiThreads Upgrade

                              Actually, I think I've run into some cookie persistence issues as well (though it doesn't help that I switch between two logins). I'm not sure if there's a bug, or if the new system changed a setting as to how long you're "remembered." I'll look into it, but in the meantime, my apologies for any additional login hassles!