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  • Dentist Recommendations?

    I want to find a new dentist. I'm not happy with my current one.

    I was seeing the same dentist for almost 6 years here in Hawaii...and he sold his practice... and moved to the mainland because he could make twice the amount he does here... He sold it to an Up and coming Dentist...however, he doesn't have the experience that my previous Dentist had. I'm assuming that when my previous dentist sold his business....part of that was selling his patient list... (because when I got my 6 month reminder my wife and I both was wondering what was up with the new dentist name but same location....etc... I never got notification personally or in the mail that a new dentist would be taking his place...when I went for my visit...everything was the same...same secretaries...everything.... just a different new and upcoming dentist that bought his previous clients in a sense.

    To me this kind of seems scary in a bit... If he was able to obtain my dental records just because he purchased the business... doesn't that seem kind of unethical in a sense? I mean...nothing in my dental records to hide or anything... but just the simple fact that he was able to PURCHASE my records by default of purchasing the clinic irks me a bit...

    He's a nice guy...and no... I'm not naming names...

    However, Manoa's on the hunt for a good dentist! Any recommendations in the area between UH Manoa and Ala Moana?

    Another thing... what is it about this dentist that you like so much that you would publicly recommend him? You may PM me if you would like.

    Please just don't spout out names... I would like to know why you like the particular dentist....

    (I mean...sheesh... I don't know too many people that really do enjoy going to them in the first place)
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    Re: Dentist Recommendations?

    I will spout out a name...
    Dr. Steve Wilhite, DDS
    He's a little beyond Ala Moana...but not much. He's in the Queen's POB II on Lusitana St. His number is in the phone book.

    With this guy in charge I don't even fear a root canal. He's just that good. Really.


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      Re: Dentist Recommendations?

      Dr. Owen Kawakami, in the King Kalakaua Center on Punahou just makai of King Street. We've been going to him for 30+ years. He's good, he's probably not retiring anytime soon (he's about my age), and he's got good hygienists working for him. He's done one crown for me, a whole bunch of stuff for my b-in-law, root canals for my mother, and sent my nieces to good orthodontists.

      It's a shared office with three other dentists, so if you don't like Dr. K you could probably switch easily enough, too.


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        Re: Dentist Recommendations?

        Thanks Tutu and Link...

        You know if either of them do "Saturday" appointments?

        That is another requirement that I forgot to mention in my original


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          Re: Dentist Recommendations?

          Originally posted by manoasurfer123
          [...]You know if either of them do "Saturday" appointments?[...]
          Sorry, dunno...


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            Re: Dentist Recommendations?

            I'm pretty sure he used to, but I don't know if he still does. After all, the people who work for him have lives too.


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              Re: Dentist Recommendations?

              i go to kenyon cardoza in the dillingham transportation bldg...he and his partner james walsh do good work...
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                Re: Dentist Recommendations?

                thanks jdub....he work saturdays?

                I figure I got 6 months to find someone I like...and this time I'm gonna personally meet w/ them prior to just letting them start drilling away on me!


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                  Re: Dentist Recommendations?

                  Has anyone here seen Dr. Carrico in Kailua? I went to him for a simple filling, which he refused to do. Instead he came up with a "treatment plan" for me, to the tune of $12,000!! I could buy a brand new Kia for that much, and not have to hear 'hard sell' tactics from a dentist!! He wanted to charge me eight times what my new current dentist does for nitrous. He insisted that I need a nighttime mouth guard, which costs $600. Wanted to rip out my 2 crowned teeth and put in implants. Wanted to rip out some of my existing fillings and crown those teeth. When I told him that there was no way I was doing some of the stuff he recommended, he refused to even fill the tooth that I came in for, and wished me "good luck in finding a good dentist". I was stunned. And scared. This dentist scared me, and he didn't even treat my tooth!! I wanted to pass this info along. I absolutely DO NOT recommend this guy!
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                    Re: Dentist Recommendations?

                    In Kaneohe I can't recommend Dr. Jerald Takesono enough!
                    He's a great dentist, caring, has a wonderful office staff
                    headed by his wife Betsy. He's great. After neglect of my
                    teeth for a while and fear of pain I finally saw him based on
                    the rec. of two other people. He was fantastic with my root
                    canal and the other items of repair. I've heard the staff
                    talk to patients about their payment plan so that seems like
                    a good thing if needed. He's cool. Their phone number
                    is 235-7500. big grin for great teeth!
                    They also do Saturday appointments.
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                      Re: THE BEST! Dentist Recommendation!!!!!

                      Ever since I returned to Hawaii, I have been seeing my dentist, my friend, Jed Shitabata.

                      His office is on the 6th floor of the Ala Moana Bldg., (1441 Kapiolani, Suite 602) in front (Mauka) of Ala Moana. He is very accomodating: he lets me do my dental repairs without anesthesia (I never use anesthesia, and some dentists won't allow your choice!), he's always upbeat and cheerful. His attractive staff (men and women) are trained, knowledgable and comforting, and his rates are reasonable, and then some! (He's dropped his rates to concur with what my insurance pays!)

                      Phone 949-1995 and talk to him. I think he's the GREATEST!

                      I consider myself lucky, no, blessed, to have found him.

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                        Re: Dentist Recommendations?

                        what about a pediatric dentist - can anyone recommend a good one? (preferably not all the way in town, maybe like Ewa, Kapolei, Pearl City, Aiea areas would be good)

                        I swear my kids tooth is crooked - practically growing sideways - and his current dentist was not concerned about it. But I am! a lot of his permanent teeth are coming in but the baby teeth don't seem to want to leave...
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                          Re: Dentist Recommendations?

                          Originally posted by kanahina View Post
                          what about a pediatric dentist - can anyone recommend a good one? (preferably not all the way in town, maybe like Ewa, Kapolei, Pearl City, Aiea areas would be good)
                          Doc Uchida in the Pali Momi building by Toys 'R' Us & Jungle River Miniature Golf, across the street from Pearlridge (98-211 Pali Momi Street Suite 615,
                          Aiea, 484-4459).

                          Our kid's been going to him for over 10 years-- he and his staff do great work. He says he has to kick the teenagers out when they turn 20 or otherwise they'd never leave.

                          When we cancelled our dental insurance, on our next visit his billing supervisor said "No problem!" and gave us a 20% discount on the spot. They're pretty happy to deal directly with the families and not through the insurance bureaucracy.
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                            Re: Dentist Recommendations?

                            Id give you the name of mine but it would be just a tidbits a ways away to see her LOL
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                              Re: Dentist Recommendations?

                              Originally posted by kanahina View Post
                              what about a pediatric dentist[...]
                              Originally posted by Nords View Post
                              Doc Uchida in the Pali Momi building by Toys 'R' Us & Jungle River Miniature Golf, [...]
                              How appropriate!!! Was that location part of Doc Uchida's business plan? If so, it was a great one!