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Online Gaming for us older people.

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    Re: Online Gaming for us older people.

    Originally posted by chriscollado
    Wow... From Scotland. Cool I've always wanted to visit Scotland. I heard it was very beautiful there. I checked out the website. Do you guys use a shrubbot system? ........
    Yep most beautiful place on earth (in a very wild sorta way) - in my humble and extremely biased opinion of course

    We use the etpro mod rather than shrub, lots of cool features, the main one being it's more useful against cheats than shrub etc.

    I'll definitely check your server out. Horrendously busy with work atm so not playing much, but manage the odd 20 mins now and then.

    Like you we have people from all over - I think 5 from mainland US, similar number of Brits and the rest from western Europe - also including a multitude of Finns and server is based in the UK.

    Good to "meet" you too

    And to Kimo, you're never too old to "Wolf"

    Regards, Smudge
    You don't need to know all the answers. No-one is smart enough to ask you all the questions


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      Re: Online Gaming for us older people.

      Originally posted by kimo55
      the use of "your" in place of "you're'

      and "hella"

      is a dead.....

      let's hobble over to the bridge room. I think Lawrence Welk is on.
      He bad. he phat.
      Lol, I love YOUR (expressing ownership) completely random and unfunny comments. Now get YOUR arse back to your room geri, the nurse 'ull be along shortly for your diaper changing.

      Craig, t3h proffessor pointed out my faux pas, I ment to use you're, not your. I think you would have gotten the idea though.
      "Hey fool, we gots yo leada!"
      "But I can't even read good."
      "Whatever that means, you ____ peasant."
      "That (stuff) is the MOST BALLER THING EVAAA!!!!"


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        Re: Online Gaming for us older people.

        Originally posted by Whitepoint3rchum
        ....completely random and unfunny comments.
        aaaah. but I never claim to aim... to be witty.


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          Re: Online Gaming for us older people.

          ahhh don't mind me...I'm just an old fart here, can't even figure out them buttons on them controllers...too many damned buttons! All I's need is one fire button and kill em all...shoot anything that moves...friendly fire...yeah that's the ticket, friendly fire.

          Yeah times they have a changed eh? I remember that simple blip and that paddle, then Atari had to muck it all up by making it all complicated by putting two paddles. Yeah video games just kept gettin' more and more complicated for the old noggin to keep up with.

          Then there was Tank Commander with two joysticks and a fire button. Now I gots to use two hands. Oh boy life was getting tougher with each new game coming out.

          But that damned Asteroids game was the clincher though with that gravity working against your triangle ship and you plowing into them rocks. Got addicted to that game and pretty soon I would dream of rocks slamming into me while I slept.

          So's I get outta Asteroids and get into them mindless games like Centipede and sick games like Dig Dug. Imagine that finding something, sticking some stick into it and pumping it up until it explodes! Sick ain't it?

          Now I'm older and slower so I've been reduced to a good game of Solitaire. Yeah the OEM version in Windows. Back to basics
          Life is what you make of please read the instructions carefully.