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Lime Recipes?

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    Re: Lime Recipes?

    So how did the Cabo Lime Pie taste?
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      Re: Lime Recipes?

      The pie that was brought to my place was fantastic, and I'm all out, and I'd love some more..
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        Re: Lime Recipes?

        I got more limes from my neighbor today!! Please give me more recipes!! And I also have 2 fresh coconuts that I need to make stuff with ASAP. Help!
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          Re: Lime Recipes?

          You can always go for a classic Mojito :P

          1/2 of a lime sliced
          12 mint leaves
          1 part Rum (bacardi is just fine)
          3 parts club soda
          1/2 part sugar

          Combine limes, sugar, and mint leaves into a tall glass. If you have a muddler, use it to muddle them together. If not, the flat end of a wisk or some other flat surfe would work too. Add the rum then club soda and mix to dissolve sugar. Garnish with a lime and some extra mint leaves (if you like) and serve!

          Makes a nice, cool, and freshing drink for the hot days ahead!
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