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  • Mountain Dew

    Been seeing the TV commericals that Mountain Dew Livewire will be out this summer. This is orange favored version.

    While I tend to go for the regular Mountain Dew, the others versions are okay, my co-workers who drink it tend to go for Mountain Dew - Code Red.

    This is a bummer, I can't add a poll after I post it.

    Looks like you can after all.
    Regular Mountain Dew
    Mountain Dew - Code Red
    Mountain Dew - Livewire
    Diet Mountain Dew
    Don't care which version I drink
    Don't drink this brand of soda
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    Re: Doing the Dew

    I can drink GALLONS of Mountain Dew!

    I voted for the ORIGINAL! The others are just....uncivilized.


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      Re: Doing the Dew

      Diet Dew does it for me. Back last year when they were promoting MD Code Red, they even had Diet Code Red - now that, I really liked! I haven't seen it since, though.


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        Re: Doing the Dew

        I haven't checked the Mountain Dew web site for about a year now but according to it they also offer a Caffeine Free version of Mountain Dew but it seems that it is not sold in Hawaii. And even before that someone who used to be from Hawaii but lived in Canada at the time said that they have it there.


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          Re: Doing the Dew

          Man...............What a thread.......
          I use to drink this stuff all the time (long time ago) ,24 oz. at a time,
          untill it started to make my teeth ache!.
          In fact, it triggered a tooth ache so much,
          that I had to have a root canal & a gold tooth cover for it.
          I think it was all that sugar contents that was in it.
          So I stoped drinking the darn thing,
          Sorry gang. un fortunately,
          I think I have neglected to mention that to my best friend,
          & she gave me a one litter bottle when she visited me last,
          & I think it took me a month & a half or so to finish it.
          Thank goodness it's gone.

          (I'm not in a habbit of waisting someone's offer/gift given to me.)

          Aloha & Take care.
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          Aches & Pains
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            Re: Doing the Dew

            I like the original one. But I don't drink as much, because I can detect when something has too much sugar. And since when they have a "diet" Mountain Dew?
            How'd I get so white and nerdy?


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              Re: Doing the Dew

              I was surprised to learn on TV that Mountain Dew actually contains a splash of orange juice. You can taste it if you're looking for it.


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                Re: Doing the Dew

                Originally posted by adri1456
                And since when they have a "diet" Mountain Dew?
                At least 10 years or more.


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                  Re: Doing the Dew

                  I don't think I have ever tasted Mountain Dew in any version, but I do use their bottles to disguise beer when I'm drinking it in places I shouldn't be.


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                    Re: Doing the Dew

                    if i drink soft drinks its original dew!!but,i'm with serenity,can't anymore cause my other 1/2 loves the diet dew tho..i have bags &bags of all those orange caps he saves 4 all the contests..when they had the contest about winning free basketball jerseys was pretty cool.all we had to do was log online,then mail cap in &got the prize within 2 weeks...he won about 10 of em!!


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                      Re: Doing the Dew

                      Originally posted by Kilinahe
                      I was surprised to learn on TV that Mountain Dew actually contains a splash of orange juice. You can taste it if you're looking for it.
                      Mountain dew also contains brominated vegetable oil. That's an odd ingredient in a soft drink...
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                        Re: Doing the Dew

                        True but what gets me is what is listed as other natural flavors after the orange juice. There is more of that than the brominated vegetable oil.


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                          Re: Doing the Dew

                          I don't drink sodas regularly, but often enough to not keep what I REALLY like in the house. I drank Vanilla diet coke, being of the Coke generation, till I tried Vanilla Diet Pepsi when my coke wasn't available, and wow, I like the vanilla diet pepsi better. Seems the vanilla flavor is stronger with the Pepsi version, but I don't like plain Pepsi better than plain Coke. When running errands, and I want a caffeine pickerupper (g) it's nice to have a taste that I enjoy, quickly available.
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                            Re: Doing the Dew

                            Managed to drink a bottle of Mountain Dew today that was expired two weeks ago. It was okay unlike the time a friend who gave me a can of Diet Coke that the freshness date expired 6 months before.


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                              Re: Doing the Dew

                              back in the 70's in Idaho, "Doing the Dew" meant taking a piss so I cannot imagine why one would want to associate their soft drink with urine. Hmmm it kinda does look like piss and drinking enough of Mountain Dew (Deer Piss) can make you want to urinate.

                              "Doing the Dew" probably came from the Texas term, "Shakin the dew off the lilly" which basically meant the same as taking a piss.

                              Then there's Coors beer made with Rocky Mountain Water. That phrase later evolved into Rocky Mountain Piss Water. So you got Mountain Piss water and you got Mountain Dew (water) (piss) So Doing the Dew to me makes as much sense of pissing than anything else.

                              So go ahead, Do the Dew either way you'll be pissing it out anyway.
                              Life is what you make of please read the instructions carefully.