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Ever been touched by a miracle?

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  • Ever been touched by a miracle?

    Hey new friends,

    Anothrer thread on haunted places got me thinking - I had a genuine miracle happen to me once, a big one, and little things happen all the time. I bet that's not so rare. I bet lotsa people have miracles, and I'd like to hear your story.

    Mine is, many years ago I got dumped by my second husband - first he leaves me for a cute little blond and moves away to a different city. Then he breaks up with her and calls me up - wants to get back together, please leave my life and come to the new city. And I do it! dumb,dumb,dumb But I didn't want to be a "two time loser" right? So I'm trying to keep the marriage together.

    I quit my job, leave my house, leave some big volunteer stuff I was doing, go move to be with him. Three months later he's got another little blonde.

    Meanwhile, I'm trying to get a job in new city, figure out how to break up with him friendly (dumb), etc. He moves out, and I get so depressed I can't move. I don;t have a job, I don't know anybody. After a while I can hardly get out of bed. I'm like clinically depressed, right, but so far gone I can't even recognize it. And I'm not eating, no food in the house, just sleeping all the time. I'm not paying the rent, gonna get kicked out. I'm not talking to anybody, not family, no friends in the new city. Nobody knows what's going on. This went on for many weeks.

    Then I'm completely desperate. I literally can't walk, I'm so exhausted from depression. So I pray. And all I could think of was a cry for help from the bottom of my heart. Help me, please. That's it.

    Next day I felt better. Kept asking for help. I was able to get up out of bed.

    Next day I found some spare change and went down to the corner store, got some food. Checked my mail on the way back and there was a check for $200. Few days later another one, and another, all together $800! Enough to pay my back rent, get some food, call my friends, and start pulling myself together.

    I got a temp job that turned into a permanent one, and a few weeks into it I started talking to a guy at my bus stop. We've been married twenty-five years now and we love each other more every single day. He was indeed an answer to a prayer.

    But where did the money come from?

    This is absolutely true: I hadn't talked to my first husband for at least 10 years, and he lived 1600 miles away. He wasn't in touch with anybody I knew. But he called my mother and got my address.

    Years earlier, when he and I broke up, he got mad at me and had a bonfire with a bunch of my stuff. He had regretted it all those years, and then just decided to send me $800 to pay for it.

    So when I needed it most, out of the blue, manna fell from heaven.

    When I called to thank him, he said no thanks were necessary, that he was doing it to clean off his own slate.

    This is a true story.

    And thank God I've never been depressed like that again, that is true hell.

    A miracle. And what's yours??

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    Re: Ever been touched by a miracle?

    I'm glad you were able to pull through...

    My "Miracle"... and I wouldn't necessarily put it as a "miracle"...

    My mom has survived cancer 3 times now in 35 years... and is preparing her battle plans now as she has been diagnosed with it again.
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      Re: Ever been touched by a miracle?

      Ohhhhh! I love these kinds of Threads!

      I wrote the following on Lynn's Lair on January 9, 2005.

      INNOCENCE, LOVE, AND PURITY….my Miracle!

      Aloha Dear Reader, the birth of ANTONIO has taken over my whole concept of life itself! I thank GOD that he has sent my real life ANGEL to me. When I hold him, my insides get curled up and I’m in awe at his beauty. He is a sight to behold!…all new parents and grandparents say that!

      To gaze upon a newborn’s face is to see innocence,love and purity.. The only thing babies do is eat, sleep, cry, sheshe and kaka. When they are bundled up in their blanket wrap, every bit of movement and facial expressions is followed by oohs, ahhs and he’s/she’s so Handsome/Gorgeous and other comments given by family members and friends. All, who have taken out from their busy shedules to visit.

      When I hold my grandson (ooh…that sounds so good), there is so much memories coming back into my mind at the same time. I have to tell my mind to slow down and replay each one in slow motion. My little Antonio has no idea that his Grandma is a bit off the walls, yet, he sleeps soundly in my arms.

      His birth has lessen the pain in which I feel physically as well as mentally. It has taken away the heartbreak that was still lingering over Mark. It has lessen the worries of my other two children a bit, but are still ever present, 24/7 in my mind. Most of all…he has brought his mother (my baby) and I back together! He is our MIRACLE AND REAL LIFE ANGEL! His middle name is Israel Ka Ho’okele No’eau, meaning “The Navigator” one, who leads and guides everyone together! His great Uncle is also composing a Hawai’ian Chant just for him.

      Update: Antonio will be two years old on January 7, 2007. I also have Kiana ~ my grand-daughter! Miracles? Everytime...I see and hold them.

      Auntie Lynn
      Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
      Philippians 4:13 --- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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        Re: Ever been touched by a miracle?

        That's awesome Auntie, cute kids

        I've had a few this year. The first one I mentioned earlier on another thread, which was when our car left the top of an 8 foot embankment covered with hail from a freak storm, flew down the side (literally, for a second) and slid between two sturdy phone poles... we got out of the car with no real injuries and were able to drive it away a few miles until it started overheating (doh!). The airbags didn't even go off, and all kinds of strange events happened the rest of the weekend that helped us out a lot (like our friends who were staying in the same town that night and had an extra bedroom, extra toothbrushes, and space in their car).

        The second one, I almost got hit by a semi a couple of weeks ago on my bike. I dunno how I didn't get hit. Had to pop the curb with only a couple of seconds to spare. Lucky to still be here.

        Feel like someone's watching over me sometimes


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          Re: Ever been touched by a miracle?

          Originally posted by Bard View Post
          Lucky to still be here.

          Feel like someone's watching over me sometimes
          Barb, I believe we each have someone watching over us. In my faith ~ it is God! He is Awesome!


          He can turn the tide into an angry sea
          He alone decides who writes a symphony
          He lights a every star and makes the darkness bright
          He keeps watch all through
          Each dark and lonely night

          He still finds the time
          To hear a Child's first Prayer
          Saint or Sinner's call
          You'll always find him there
          Though it makes him SAD
          To see the way we Live
          He'll always say..."I FORGIVE!"

          (I forgot who the author/singer is.)

          Auntie Lynn
          Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
          Philippians 4:13 --- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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            Re: Ever been touched by a miracle?

            About 10 years ago I was involved in a 5 car accident on the H-1 during rush hour. I was the 3rd (middle) car; and a small sports car, no less! A truck was the 4th vehicle.

            Traffic was in the 'go' phase of stop and go. Car #1 stopped suddenly causing car #2 to rear end it. I saw immediately that I couldn't avoid impact so with my foot on the brake I took my hands off the wheel, relaxed my muscles, closed my eyes, prayed out loud..."Please help me, God."...and surrendered to the impending crunch. It just took longer to type what happened then when it actually happened! I waited. I felt nothing altho' I heard squealing brakes and a crunch behind me. I waited a few seconds longer then slowly opened my eyes. Car #1 fled the scene. The driver of car #2 was still in his seat with his head against the head rest. Driver #4 was out of his truck staggering around a bit. Driver #5 was still in her car. I got out of my car and checked the front of it. The distance between car #2 and mine was barely the thickness of a credit card. Ditto for truck #4 and my rear bumper. My car wasn't touched. The police arrived and asked me how the heck my car hadn't been turned into an accordian. I had no scientific explanation.

            The accident made the news that night and I was stunned to see that the damage was much more intense than I remembered it in person.

            Yep! A miracle!


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              Re: Ever been touched by a miracle?

              tutu... thats not a miracle! Thats good skills!


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                Re: Ever been touched by a miracle?

                Originally posted by tutusue View Post
                The accident made the news that night and I was stunned to see that the damage was much more intense than I remembered it in person.

                Yep! A miracle!
                Truly a MIRACLE! Your plea to him was heard. Only the hand of God could have saved you!!! For those who believe...we understand the Power of Prayer.

                Romans 13.1

                "The powers that be."

                In Christ

                Auntie Lynn
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                Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
                Philippians 4:13 --- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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                  Re: Ever been touched by a miracle?

                  "Ever been touched by a miracle?"

                  At least nine times, with the births of my children and grandchildren.


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                    Re: Ever been touched by a miracle?

                    I'm not sure, but I think so. It's one of those things that appears so, but I can't absolutely prove it to myself, or others.

                    My now nineteen year old daughter was just a few days old, and she developed a fever and a horrible, big red rash. The doc said like people say, that babies just don't get measles....ahem, usually that is, but as he stared down at her on the examining table, he said, something almost verbatim to..."but I gotta tell ya, this looks exactly like measles."

                    He shorly started telling me how she may develop normally, then around age two we might notice she wasn't developing as quickly as she should, and at that point we'd realize she was mentally retarded. As he said this, I was at total peace, not in denial that it could happen, just didn't compute. Intuitively I knew she was and would be fine, so I listened, and that's all.

                    He sent her for tests, did xrays, and there was a spot on one lung, but the lab could literally not get blood out of her. He had me take her to his office cuz he said he'd gotten blood out of tiny, premature babies and would do it for us cuz it was that important to find out if she had measles or not. I hated it, I cringed, but let him try, and he worked till she had cried enough, not even he could get blood from her, and he had even tried from the side of the neck, gross as that is. Actually, I am one of strong faith and a bit surprised I even allowed this.

                    Took her home and believe it or not, within a few weeks it was forgotten, and she was two, then ten, etc.....perfectly normal and in fact very bright, an "A" student when she applied herself, etc.

                    She was xrayed again when she was five or so, and no spot on the lung, and had never had any symptoms from that, either.

                    Miracle? I think that word is so profound I shouldn't dare utter it, but I know they do happen to people.
                    Stop being lost in thought where our problems thrive.~


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                      Re: Ever been touched by a miracle?

                      Great results karen...

                      I'm glad your baby turned out great...

                      This is also a "miracle" and a blessing from above.


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                        Re: Ever been touched by a miracle?

                        Karen, I read your post three times. I cried each time. God bless you and your daughter.

                        This Thread is a Mighty Thread!

                        Miracles are ment to be shared.

                        I gotta onnada one.

                        In the Bible, Jesus died and rose from the dead. I wrote a story of the Thanksgiving before my husband died. He was dead by all accounts. I told the three Pastors from First Assembly - Moanaloa to go home. It was afterall, Thanksgiving Eve. There was no need to call 911. My husband was on Hospice. I knew what must be done. I remained calm and collective. They left.

                        My daughters and I were in the kitchen when suddenly we heard noises. My husband came storming in to go use the LUA!!! We looked at each other and busted out laughing. My dear husband was Alive. Given back to us by God to spend more time with us.

                        Boy came out of the Lua and wondered why we were all laughing and in such a glorious mood. He thought we were making FuN of him. I told him what happened. The Pastors came. He didn't respond nor seemed to have any pulse. He couldn't speak due to his breathing tube in his throat. However, his eyes told his story. "Dumb Bitxh!"

                        That Sunday, we went to church. I wheeled my husband up towards the stage for blessings. All three Pastors were singing and raising their hands in Praise to Jesus. As soon as they saw my husband, they were shocked. They saw him lifeless in my Hale. In unison, they jumped for joy and gave a mighty shout of glory and praise for our Father in Heaven.

                        My husband and I were also overwhelmed. My husband's weak arms were also in the air. Clapping as honor and praise to God.

                        On January 17, 1987 the Lord finally called my husband home. My children and I were thankful for the added time we had with him. The memories of my husband and Father of my children are forever in my heart and mind.


                        Auntie Lynn
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                        Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
                        Philippians 4:13 --- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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                          Re: Ever been touched by a miracle?

                          This a great thread.

                          Being alive is a miracle in it self. I give thank to God for that every day.

                          FINALLY HOME IN HAWAI'I!

                          "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
                          Mark Twain


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                            Re: Ever been touched by a miracle?

                            I love this thread! I have had plenty of miracles in my life and I am so grateful everyday for the large, small and even the ones you don't even know about.
                            One day I caught a bus home, now this bus was not scheduled to stop where I had parked my vehicle but I had decided to take the bus anyway and catch a cab back to where I had parked to avoid the long wait for the next bus that would make the stop. Now the bus was fairly empty but where I would normally sit there was a loud talking group of people so I moved up and sat just about opposite the bus driver. Being I was the only person next to him, in between my dozing on and off we got chatted and he found out that I would have to spend cab fare to get back to the other stop he told me he would pull over across from that area and let me out really quickly since he had to pass by there anyway.
                            I said only if you won't get in trouble and he said just be sure I don't get hit crossing the roadway. So getting off the bus, I told him thank you so very much and to have a safe and blessed day.
                            Getting in my car, I drive along the same route the bus would have taken-traffic suddenly comes to a crawl...eventually I come up to the reason for the delay. The very bus I was on was in a nasty accident right before the stop I would have had to get off at had he not let me off earlier.
                            The bus driver and other passengers seemed to be ok, just dazed and shaken but apparently the truck that cut him off crashed into the side and front area of the bus where I was sitting only 20 minutes prior.
                            Hawaii my love, I will see you soon


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                              Re: Ever been touched by a miracle?

                              Last night P.K. and I went to visit our grandson, Amar. Born 4 lbs 7 ozs. So tiny and beautiful. His eyes and nose just like grandpa's. His daddy so proud den looked at P.K. asked "Who does he look like?" P.K. couldn't hide his pride or lie. "He look like ME!"

                              Last month we were sadden and worried at Kapiolani Hospital. Amar had a twin. His name was Amir meaning Prince. Fitting since he was the one that God chose to walk with him. Amar meaning long-lived.

                              When it was my turn to go and see Amar, I entered the unit. I was told to wash my hands two minutes. I stood in front of the sink. Finally a nurse came and showed me what to do.

                              I looked around the room. It was my first time to be in an ICU for Pre-Mature Babies. Little Angels fighting to stay alive. I could feel the power of God! I couldn't stay long. In fact, I only stayed five minutes den I went outside to meet P.K. and asked to be taken home.

                              Babies. Innocent BABIES. Beautiful, PRECIOUS ANGELS!!!



                              Auntie Lynn
                              Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
                              Philippians 4:13 --- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.