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    Re: Where would you like to be?

    Another Oregonian...temp for you I see (: Hey Cindy.
    Springfield here. dark and cold Springfield.
    Since when is psycho a bad thing??
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      Re: Where would you like to be?



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        Re: Where would you like to be?

        Originally posted by Cindy Blankenship View Post
        . Do any of you have any good news on
        the latency and online gaming (the slower games like WOW) or just how it plays out with the higher speed cable connections?
        Rural Puna is fast becoming "the Burbs". As for RR it's not available in quite a few places in Puna especially down near the ocean, and from what others here on the Big Island tell me, when it rains heavily, they lose connection.

        Hah? I thought RR was all cable. My brother in law works for Oceanic running fiber optic lines all over Oahu tells me that sometimes you cannot connect with landlines so a microwave repeater is used to translate the cable signals thru inaccessable areas. That could explain the loss of signal during heavy rain. And as you probably know, it rains a lot in Puna.

        One of the more popular broadband alternatives out here is Wireless Broadband and there are several companies serving Puna including Coconut Wireless and Advanced Wireless. I am on Advanced Wireless and until recently I'm getting pretty reliable service. Albeit not the fastest I am getting 525Kbs download and 236Kbs upload speeds. Much faster than dial up which was the only available portal to the internet a year ago in my area.
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          Re: Where would you like to be?

          Its been a while since I stop and paused and drifted away...

          hmm...lemme faze out and day-dream.... o O o O Where would I like to be, right Now? o O O O

          Ah yea there it is....I wish I knew how to

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